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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY Please find below the School Video Production Privacy Policy. We collect certain information or data about you when you visit our web site. Information about General Data Protection Regulation can be found here GDPR. When considering working with us please check out our terms and conditions as well. Our Terms and Conditions explain more about copyright, and what to expect to expect in terms of our service to you. Feel free you call us if you have any queries either about our Privacy Policy or our Terms and Conditions. THE IMPORTANCE OF OUR PRIVACY POLICY In [DISCOVER MORE...]

Case Studies

CASE STUDIES Here is a selection of school video case studies from School Video Production. Case studies offer an insight in to who our school video production clients are, what we have done for them and what they think of our work. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE CASE STUDIES? Our case studies include what type of video we made for the school. It might have been a school promotional school video, or a sixth form promotional school video or perhaps some social media edits. We let you know the age group for the case studies, for example Secondary or Primary [DISCOVER MORE...]

About School Video Production

WHY WORK WITH US? Find out about school video production. We specialise in producing school videos that successfully connect with your audience. ABOUT SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION If you are thinking about school video production have a look at this page to see how we can help on your next project. We make stylish, impactful videos for the education sector! We are dedicated to producing high quality, innovative school video content for social media and websites. We are passionate about education video production and telling your schools story. We specialise in creating exciting school videos [DISCOVER MORE...]

Contact School Video Production

CONTACT SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION Contact School Video Production if you're looking to use video as a way to communicate with prospective parents, students and teachers. Get in touch with the experts, we have a wealth of experience making superb school videos. Our clients trust us to produce high quality content so contact School Video Production for a quote. We are a team of school video professionals who are at home working within the school environment and most importantly, we know how to effectively work with students and staff and get the best from them. School Video Production [DISCOVER MORE...]

School video production showreel

SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION SHOWREEL School Video Production's showreel features highlights from our many school video productions. We're passionate about all things video and would relish the chance to shoot your next school video. We have an excellent pre-production process that walks you through the steps you need to take. For more information take a look at our video Resources page and download our free suite of 'how to' guides to help you get started on your school video project. For more inspiration take a look at our YouTube page. Please explore the web site and discover what we can do for [DISCOVER MORE...]

School Video Production home

WELCOME TOSCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION School Video Production from Film Infinity We are the education video production specialists. We combine years' of experience with the latest technology in our school video production services to produce school videos that successfully connect with your audience. Let us help you tell your story. We hope you enjoy looking around our school video production website. If you're looking for help and guidance to plan a school video, you've come to the right place. WHY HIRE SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION ? [DISCOVER MORE...]

Get a video production quote

VIDEO PRODUCTION QUOTEAn easy way to a get a school video production quote is to fill out the free video production quote template below. Once we have this information we can get your school video production quote ready for you. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out and you'll have your school video production quote ready for you by the close of play that working day.A video production quote is a document to show you how much we plan to charge for our video services. We'll send it after we've have agreed the project scope, it's milestones [DISCOVER MORE...]


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School promotional videos

SCHOOL PROMOTIONAL VIDEOSMake your school promotional videos stand out on YouTubeWould you like your school to stand out? We can produce a school promotional video to sit on the home page of your website that entices parents, students and teachers to learn more about what your school is about. Our school promotional videos are often used as an over arching summary of what your school offers, how teaching and learning happens in the classroom and incorporates your values and ethos. If you're looking for school promotional video ideas you've come to the right place.We make promotional videos for schools of [DISCOVER MORE...]

Staff recruitment videos

STAFF RECRUITMENT VIDEOS Recruiting teachers and retaining good quality teachers is often one of the biggest headaches a school can have. Most teachers will have a look at your school promotional video which will give them a flavour of the school. Staff recruitment videos dig a little deeper. They can address important issues which will affect their decision to apply for the role or not. Will they be supported by the administration? Are they actively encouraged and supported to pursue further professional development? Peer to peer teacher staff recruitment videos will answer all these key questions, in a honest [DISCOVER MORE...]

Virtual school tour videos

VIRTUAL SCHOOL TOUR VIDEOS Virtual school tour videos are an innovative way of showing potential students and parents around your school. We produced a lots of these during the Covid pandemic but demand has continued. Parents and children can familiarise themselves with the school on line as many times as they wish. Keep the parent and child in mind when you are thinking about Virtual school tour videos. You are showcasing your school but the needs of your prospective parents and their families need to shape your message. Parents want to be able to see what their child’s school [DISCOVER MORE...]

School social media videos

SCHOOL SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS The increased interaction with online video, especially amongst young people, means that you cannot afford not to have an armoury of short, bite sized school social media videos to distribute across your school social media channels. In short, social media for schools is an essential for your school or academy's marketing mix. PLANNING YOUR SCHOOL SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS Ahead of filming your school promotional video, it is worth thinking about what your school social media videos should be about. Maybe you want to [DISCOVER MORE...]

Video production costs

VIDEO PRODUCTION COSTSWe understand that schools have to watch their video production costs, and carefully manage their budgets which is why is it essential that you pick a video company that is going to give you the best value for money and a great video. HOW MUCH DOES A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO COST? We can help you get the most out of your budget and suggest some great creative ideas which will wow your audience. Video production costs depend on the length and complexity of the shoot. We will work with you to maximise your budget. The average [DISCOVER MORE...]

Video production advice

VIDEO PRODUCTION ADVICE  We have a wealth of experience working in the education sector, having produced hundreds of school videos. We appreciate that commissioning a school video can be a daunting task. We are here to help, so don't be scared to ask for our video production advice. For us to understand your requirements we need to ask a few questions. OUR INITIAL VIDEO PRODUCTION ADVICE,  IDENTIFY THE FOLLOWING: What is the aim of the video? Who is your target audience? Students, parents or teachers? [DISCOVER MORE...]

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions about School Video Production FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Thinking about starting a school video production is one of those things that often raises more questions than answers in the initial stages. Frequently asked questions such as How much will my school video cost? How long will it take to film my school tour film and who should I include in my school video production? These are all very common questions when schools first consider video marketing and rightfully so. Video production can be a daunting task for many, especially when you have no experience in the [DISCOVER MORE...]

School video portfolio

SCHOOL VIDEO PORTFOLIO Here is our school video portfolio page where you can watch a wide selection of our work. We will be continuously adding new material so make sure you make a return visit! Working in the education sector since 2013 School Video Production are the 'go to' experts for school video, school photography and drones. We understand the process of film making: detailed planning and pre-production, stress free filming and speedy editing of the final video. Don't make your school video until you've spoken to us and looked at our school video portfolio . Our friendly team [DISCOVER MORE...]


SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION TESTIMONIALS Welcome to our school video production testimonials web page. We take great pride in delivering a first class school video production service to our clients. We love developing innovative, imaginative ideas and ultimately producing superb school videos. As part of our continuous efforts to improve our working practices and customer service we always ask our clients to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire. This helps us understand how we can make life easier for our customers and ultimately create superb school videos.This is why we think these school video production testimonials are important. We have worked [DISCOVER MORE...]

Sixth form school videos

SIXTH FORM SCHOOL VIDEOS Recruiting sixth form students is integral to the success of your school. A high achieving sixth form demonstrates that your school is the place to be for existing students. Your sixth form school videos also show that it is an attractive proposition for other students locally who are looking for an A level option. Showcasing the excellent facilities and teaching in a sixth form school video will give you the edge over other schools locally in a competitive market. Show them how your school or academy can help them on the pathway to a successful career [DISCOVER MORE...]

Bespoke video production

BESPOKE VIDEO PRODUCTION Here at School Video Production we've often been asked to create short ‘focus’ videos that highlight a particular specialism or department. Bespoke school video production might include:- Are you a specialist science academy or music school? Do you need to promote the new T Levels? Do you want to attract foreign language students? Do you have a sports club based at your school? Why not target specific audiences with tailored video content? With careful planning it is possible to make additional specialism videos alongside your school promotional video. Bespoke school video production is a great return [DISCOVER MORE...]

Cookie Policy

School Video Production Cookie Policy. Note that web analytics software is used on this website. This uses first party cookies to gather anonymous browsing data. We can then analyse this information to determine visitor trend behaviour on the website and help us to improve its effectiveness. This information is not used for any other purpose and is not shared with any other websites or organisations. If you do not wish this to happen please disable cookies or do not use the website. More Information about School Video Production Cookie Policy For more information about the school video production cookie [DISCOVER MORE...]

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions The Booking It is agreed that the terms set out in our QUOTATION, INVOICES AND BOOKING FORM is the total agreement made between the parties and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing. Please get in touch for a booking form. The Crew On occasions and without notice it may be necessary for the crew originally specified to be substituted by another crew, (e.g. due to ill health). Colour Balance SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION (hereafter known as SVP) will endeavour to create a visually pleasing colour [DISCOVER MORE...]

School Drone Services

SCHOOL DRONE SERVICES With the advent of low cost drone technology it is now affordable to feature stunning aerial video footage and photography of your school in your marketing material. The ultimate WOW factor. There is no better way to show off your school. Our school drone services offering includes both video and photography. Using a drone really does raise the production quality of your school video.  It enables us to introduce stunning cinematic shots into your video, impressing the audience and ultimately capturing their imagination, ensuring they don't forget the video.  We carefully choreograph each drone shot, working [DISCOVER MORE...]


SCHOOL VIDEO PRODUCTION RESOURCESThe School Video Production resources featured below are a great way to get your school video production started. Organising a promotional school video can be quite a daunting prospect but our selection of easy to read guides help you plan, script and film your school video. Our School Video Production resources will help you get your head around the three principle stages of video production namely Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.Video Marketing has the ability to capture the attention of your audience in a way that other media can't. Video is the way that increasing amounts of people [DISCOVER MORE...]

Greatfields promotional video

Greatfields School Promotional Video Type of video: School promotional Age group: Secondary school Shoot duration: 2 days Services used: Promotional, social media and recruitment videos Greatfields promotional video - The Brief We were first approached by Greatfields School in 2018 to produce a school promotional video for their fledgling secondary offering. As a brand new school they were looking to capture the essence and spirit of the school, and communicate that idea to [DISCOVER MORE...]

Primary school promotional videos

PRIMARY SCHOOL PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS We appreciate that primary schools work with a smaller budget so we have a created a one day package especially. We can film a selection of great classroom footage together with some student soundbites and staff testimonials. Primary school promotional videos help engage with your prospective parents and help you recruit teachers. If you're looking to get your school promotional script together why not give us a call to talk through your school promotional video ideas? Get in touch and we can send you a school promotional video script example pdf. [DISCOVER MORE...]

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