Recruiting teachers and retaining good quality teachers is often one of the biggest headaches a school can have. Most teachers will have a look at your school promotional video which will give them a flavour of the school. Staff recruitment videos dig a little deeper. They can address important issues which will affect their decision to apply for the role or not. Will they be supported by the administration? Are they actively encouraged and supported to pursue further professional development? Peer to peer teacher staff recruitment videos will answer all these key questions, in a honest and believable medium.

Staff recruitment videos could help you attract the right applicant. There are many ways to recruit new staff but there is nothing more powerful than a staff testimonial video. In terms of effectiveness and reach, using short staff recruitment videos which highlight all the positive aspects of working at your school is hard to beat.

Video testimonials from current staff talking about what they love about working at your school is an extremely powerful recruitment tool. Feedback from existing clients tells us that these really do work. A high number of staff looking for a new position have watched our staff recruitment videos in advance of applying for a new role. Using social media effectively is key to the success of your staff recruitment campaign. We can create short staff recruitment videos for your social media channels. These only need to be 15-30 seconds long, but should feature the best soundbites that really capture the essence of your school and why teachers love working there.

If you’re looking for advice on how to start your video project head over to our Help Page to get your staff recruitment videos started. If you are looking for inspiration you can check out our YouTube channel as well.

staff recruitment videos
staff recruitment videos
staff recruitment videos
staff recruitment videos


If you are thinking about making a school promotional video we highly recommend that you allow time in the filming schedule to film some of these staff recruitment videos. We suggest choosing three or four members of your staff you know really love working with you and are extremely passionate about teaching. It is important that they are comfortable in front of the camera. We will do all we can to make them feel at ease and will help them deliver their staff testimonial with emotion and clarity.

The next step is to think about what you want them to say. Not necessarily a script but it’s worth discussing with each teacher what element of their job they are going to talk about so there is no repetitiveness.

If they capable of talking about their experiences from the heart, with no script, that is great as this often results in the most captivating and spontaneous staff recruitment videos. Initially we suggest that they attempt to deliver their testimonial from memory as often these takes are the most honest and believable but If they are less confident and feel as though they need little help and encouragement, we can use an autocue system to help them deliver their script accurately. Using our skills as filmmakers, we will capture their enthusiasm and passion on video. So why not get in touch, recruiting teachers with video is undoubtedly the ultimate staff recruitment tool.

staff recruitment videos
staff recruitment videos
staff recruitment videos
staff recruitment videos


Staff recruitment videos are much more than just job advertisements in a video format. They are a vibrant, engaging way to showcase the very best of your school. There are many reasons why staff recruitment videos work so well. Candidates can potentially read hundreds of job descriptions and after a while (or very quickly) the same phrases and selling points repeat over and over. “Great school culture” and “amazing staff development and benefits”. Staff recruitment videos don’t have this problem because on job sites and social media video will always stand out from text-based adverts and listings.

Staff recruitment videos help your school stand out in a very competitive job market. So don’t use another boring text-based job posting. Get in touch and let us create a visually engaging, stimulating, thought provoking and ultimately inspiring video that enables candidates to actually see what it’s like to work at your school.


Staff Recruitment Videos-Greatfields School

This teacher staff recruitment video was made along side the school promotional video. Careful planning of the filming schedule means we can make the best our time on site and also make sure you get the most out of your budget. A modest additional investment on extra editing time allows us to create more video content.

Staff Recruitment Videos-Chiltern Learning Trust 

We have just delivered a suite of six staff recruitment vidoes for the Chiltern Learning Trust which comprises of Denbigh High School, Challney High School for Boys and Dallow Primary School. The aim of the films is to attract and recruit new teachers to the schools within the Chiltern Learning Trust in Luton. Filmed over three days, we shot a wealth of great footage. Interviews, classroom action and location filming, resulting in a library of footage from which we could then shape into the final six edits.

Staff Recruitment Videos-Chiltern Learning Trust

These videos were filmed at Denbigh High School, Challney High School for Boys and Dallow Primary School. The aim of the films is to attract and recruit new teachers to the schools within the Chiltern Learning Trust in Luton. 

Staff recruitment videos are often filmed whilst we are on site making a school promotional video.

Staff Recruitment Videos-Swindon Academy

Aswell as their school promotional video we made this teacher staff recruitment video and a sixth from promotional video. Filmed over three days in June and July we helped the school plan and schedule the filming so we could easily capture all the footage required for the three videos.

You may have a number of questions about commissioning school video production.

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about school promotional videos.

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There are three very useful guides crammed with useful information about planning and shooting your school promotional videos, which are free to download:

  • A Step by step guide to school video production
  • Planning your school video projects
  • Getting the best shots.

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