The School Video Production resources featured below are a great way to get your school video production started. Organising a promotional school video can be quite a daunting prospect but our selection of easy to read guides help you plan, script and film your school video. Our School Video Production resources will help you get your head around the three principle stages of video production namely Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

Video Marketing has the ability to capture the attention of your audience in a way that other media can’t. Video is the way that increasing amounts of people learn and communicate and is a great tool for engaging your school with this tech-savvy generation. We produce a huge variety of videos for schools including:

  • School promotional videos
  • Virtual Tour or Open Evening
  • Sixth Form promotional videos
  • Curriculum overview – a snapshot of curriculum and facilities
  • A day in the life of a Year 7 student (a video for prospective students to smooth the transition between schools
  • Working for the school (staff recruitment video)
  • Social media videos
  • Primary School promotional videos

A further benefit to having engaging video content on your company website is to improve you search engine optimisation (SEO). Ensuring your website ranks higher on search engines is aided by impactful video content which will boost your websites ranking.



Video Pre-Production

Creating a brief

Video strategy/goals


Project timeline

Script creation

Who’s going to be on screen

Deciding the best places to film at your school

Before you talk to a video production company it’s a good idea to have a an idea of what you want to achieve with your video. Try and be as clear as possible about the objectives of the video, and the scope of your project. With careful planning it is possible to create several videos form one project, for instance a Promotional School Video and a 6th form introduction film .

Bring your Senior Leadership Team into the process early on and share with them the video production resources on this page. Getting clear communication from the top of the school as to the direction of the project is crucial. Discuss the purpose and goals for your video project and how it will be used after it is delivered. Decide on the tone and feel of the video and who is going to be involved.

It’s good to appoint a primary contact for the project. They will be the go between the production company and the school. Make sure to organise a schedule for the filming days, identify who will be filmed , and finalise the locations. Talk to the chosen video production team. This meeting can be done over the phone or in person.

We always want to visit the school prior to filming. It’s invaluable as it enables us to assess the filming conditions, familiarise ourselves with the geography of the location and also choose the best filming locations. More on this in the video production resources below.

Before the filming we ensure that the scripts have been reviewed and approved, interview questions discussed, and the schedule is finalised with locations confirmed. All these details will help ensure that the production phase goes smoothly.

Video Production

Locations – Ensure all locations are clean, tidy and show off the school in the best light. Consider natural light and acoustics as these will affect the final image and audio quality.
Briefing – Brief any interviewees about the key messages you want to communicate in the video.
Warm up – When interviewing staff and students, give them time to warm up and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Some people like to have the script on an autocue system while others may prefer a more natural approach and speak freely.

school video production
school video production
school video production
school video production


Post Production and Editing

Video length – On average 5% of users will stop watching a video after 2 minutes and 60% by 3 minutes, so it’s important that your video is exciting and engaging to keep the audience watching. Most of our videos are between 3.5 and 4 minutes in length and are watched in their entirety.
Graphics – Top and tail your video with graphics and logos to reinforce your school brand. Consider captioning names and titles.
Safeguarding – Avoid full names of students alongside video footage or images.
Finishing touches – SFX and music can add interest to your video. Also note that most music is copyrighted, so ensure you have relevant permissions. All the music we supply is licensed for you to use.

Check out our Youtube channel for inspiration.

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Step by Step guide to school video production

The video production process is divided into three stages: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Here we detail what is involved during the making of your video.

Planning your school video

Features all you need to know about planning your project and then organising and scheduling the filming.

Getting the best shots during filming

Planning in advance of the filming is essential. Simple advice on how to organise subject specific shots ensuring you get the very best footage.

school video production
school video production
school video production
school video production