An easy way to a get a school video production quote is to fill out the free video production quote template below. Once we have this information we can get your school video production quote ready for you. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out and you’ll have your school video production quote ready for you by the close of play that working day.

A video production quote is a document to show you how much we plan to charge for our video services. We’ll send it after we’ve have agreed the project scope, it’s milestones and deliverables. The video production quote helps us both to see that we are on the same page and breaks down the requirements for the job.


So, how do we compile a quote for video production? Video production costs depend on the length and complexity of the shoot.

  • How many videos are you wanting to make?
  • What length are the videos?
  • How many people are involved and how many locations?
  • Are looking to enhance your films with drone footage or sub-titles?
  • What outputs you are looking for? Instagram or LinkedIn formats?
  • Where is the shoot?

All these things are considered in your school video production quote. Managing video production involves dealing with a range of tasks and workflows. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of what you should include in your video production quote.

1. Lets talk – Zoom, Teams, or a visit to your school

The first stage of the video production process is talking about what you want to achieve. Here is where you will map out the plan for your video, decide on what resources you’ll need to get the video made, and how long it will take.

During this stage we think about the ethos of the school, scripts, and possibly timings of when we might shoot your school video production.

2. Planning and Pre-production

During this stage we’ll look at your script ideas and storyboard what we think will work. You’ll think about who might be in your school video including staff and students. We’ll visit your school (if we haven’t already) and look at the best locations to shoot. Take a look at our resources page to help with your planning and pre production.

3. Filming your School Video production

So shoot day has arrived. With all the planning and pre-production under your belt the shoot day will be straight forward. Allocated lessons will be filmed with the students and staff knowing exactly where to be and when. We appreciate that things can change without warning, but don’t worry we are flexible and accommodating and will endeavour to get all the desired shots filmed.

4. Post-Production

This is the last stage of the production process and usually takes a few weeks. The post-production stage is where our editors assemble the footage shot by shot and add the music. We initially send you the rough-cut version so you can comment on and changes you want done. We will then hone the final edit to your liking as well as grading the colour and mixing the sound.

5. Deliverables

Deliverables refer to the final product that we will hand over to you. This might be files of the video shared via WeTransfer, DropBox or similar, or the film streamed from our Vimeo Site.

Once you have approved your final edit, we can then make numerous alternative versions to display on your social media channels. This can include shorter length versions, subtitled versions and also different formats such as square versions for Instagram.

All of the steps above will be included in our video production quote. So you’ll be set. Check out our testimonial page to see what our clients had to say about School Video Production. We have over ten years experience in school video production and have produced dozens of school promotional videos for our clients. Check out the Case Study pages for more examples of our work.


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2. Would you like to arrange a phone call to discuss your requirements? If so please provide a number and a convenient time.

5. Do you have a script ready for your video? *
10. Do you have any additional requirements such as drones?

If you’re interested in a video production quote for any other type of project, please head over to our sister company Film Infinity, where you’ll find information on what else we offer and examples of videos that we’ve made for a broad range of businesses and sectors across the UK.

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