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Find out about school video production.

We specialise in producing school videos that successfully connect with your audience.


If you are thinking about school video production have a look at this page to see how we can help on your next project. We make stylish, impactful videos for the education sector!

We are dedicated to producing high quality, innovative school video content for social media and websites. We are passionate about education video production and telling your schools story. We specialise in creating exciting school videos that are inspiring, informative and entertaining. Get in touch if you’d like us to quote on your school promotional video. All our crew are DBS checked.

We have an extensive range of video production services. Our crew is experienced in working with children, young adults and staff in educational environments. So if you’re thinking of checking out “video production companies near mewhy bother. You’ve found the best.





We have produced a large portfolio of dynamic school videos that captivate audiences including PROMOTIONAL, TOUR, STAFF RECRUITMENT, PRIMARY AND SIXTH FORM productions including SOCIAL MEDIA, foreign language and sub-titled versions. Our educational production company has the winning formula to entertain, engage and inform.

We aim to create imaginative videos that highlight the positives of your school, showcasing your school’s ethos and values to the wider community. Whether you need to drive admissions, take parents and students on an exciting virtual tour, reassure transitioning primary pupils, recruit the best staff or improve perceptions or celebrate your success, we have a video package for you.

We make superb school videos

If you’re looking for a school video production website to hone your ideas you’ve come to the right place. Energetic, amiable and enthusiastic, we are at home in the school environment, quickly setting up each pre-planned shot whilst ensuring both students and staff are comfortable with the filming process and know exactly what is expected of them. We do this through thorough careful planning and clear communication, both in advance of the shoot and on the day. We are organised, prompt and professional. Educational video production is what we do.

Our 4K cameras deliver broadcast quality high definition footage that can be viewed on multiple platforms such as mobile devices, computers and TV screens. The cameras are relatively small and easy to manoeuvre, enabling us to work quickly with a minimum amount of disturbance.

Our reputation and business is built on creativity, trust, reliability and professionalism. Clients come to us because we understand modern communication methods and are passionate about what we do.

We are specialists in school videography. Get started now over at our contacts page.

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