School Video Production’s showreel features highlights from our many school video productions. We’re passionate about all things video and would relish the chance to shoot your next school video. We have an excellent pre-production process that walks you through the steps you need to take. For more information take a look at our video Resources page and download our free suite of ‘how to’ guides to help you get started on your school video project. For more inspiration take a look at our YouTube page.

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Our School Video Production showreel is just over two minutes in length and features some of the best shots we have captured at various schools across the country over the past year. We like to shoot in a cinematic style, utilising our CANON cine cameras and lenses to their full potential. We are always looking for a new technique or viewpoint that will increase the visual impact of our school videos. We realise that we need to keep the audience; parents and students, watching. So it is important that we not only inform and inspire but entertain them with stunning visuals. Check out our School Video Production showreel.

Now you have watched our school video production showreel. Watch our ‘About Us’ video and see how we make a great school video.

There is a lot of work that goes into making a great promotional school video. This video goes behind the scenes to show you what is involved. Making videos is about communication. This starts when we walk in your front door. How we deal and interact with people on film shoots is key to the success of a video. We are friendly, amiable, flexible and supportive. We endeavour to make everyone feel at ease and relaxed, so they can do their bit for the video without getting stressed or feeling uncomfortable.