Sir John Lawes Promotional video

Type of video:

School promotional

Age group:

Secondary school

Shoot duration:

2 days

Services used:

Two day video package and drone services

The Brief

The Senior Leadership Team at Sir John Lawes were keen to let the children speak for themselves in this school promotional video. Talking about the ethos and culture of the school in the Sir John Lawes Promotional video. Shot over two days, a hectic schedule featuring the school goat and rabbit. Both were well behaved and read their lines beautifully.

Sir John Lawes Promotional video
Sir John Lawes Promotional video

The Solution

In this film young people are supported and encouraged to give interviews which shows them clearly at ease talking to camera.

The staff spoke with several students, asking them what they would like to say. These are written out for the students to learn. We can also put these scripts on our autocue system so if anyone is struggling with their lines on the day, we can get the interview recorded using this alternative method.

We worked collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team to deliver a suite of videos. Meeting with the SLT’s from Sir John Lawes, Robert Barclay Academy, Priory Academy, and Samuel Ryder Academy we shared scripting ideas. We always visit a school prior to filming so we can meet key personnel and spend some time looking for the best locations and planning the filming schedule. 

Sir John Lawes Promotional video – The Outcome

Our pre-production communication with the school was key to the success of the shoot. We gave Sir John Lawes a very detailed guidance document that helped the school in terms of planning the shoot days. This ensured that the school featured the right things in the Sir John Lawes Promotional video, and were properly prepared so they could really make good use of the actual filming time. Our team are really good at working with young people, and we understand how to get the best out of them.

Sir John Lawes Promotional video

What they said

“When we saw the final finished product it made me feel quite emotional which is exactly what you want. In terms of my impression of the whole process of working with School-Video-Production I couldn’t really be happier. It was very smooth and very professional and we really felt part of it as well we feeling listened to. I think the communication was the thing that was key for me. It really made all the difference in helping us achieve a video that I think really reflects what Sir John Lawes is all about”

Claire Robins O.B.E – CEO of Scholars’ Education Trust