St.Mary’s School Promotional video

Type of video:

School promotional video and a Sixth Form promotional video

Age group:

Secondary school

Shoot duration:

2 days

Services used:

Two day video package, Drone services and Photography

St. Mary’s School Promotional video-The Brief

We had worked with Headteacher, Tom Johnston at his previous school, so we were chuffed when he got in touch with us, seeking our help to promote his new school St.Mary’s School  with this St. Mary’s School Promotional video.

The shared values of the school community are summarised by three words, Love, respect and Flourish, reflecting the charism of St. Francis and St. Mary, and which underpin everything that the school does, providing strong foundations for all they strive to accomplish. Tom wanted to illustrate these values in the St. Mary’s School Promotional video.

This high achieving school takes students from as far south as London and as far north as Cambridgeshire so having a high quality school promotional video to highlight the many positive aspects of the school was essential.

We were commissioned to make a school promotional video and a sixth form promotional video. Read on to find our how we made the St. Marys School Promotional video.

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During pre-production we take the time to get to know your school, we listen to your ideas and take on board the ethos and culture, incorporating these factors into the finished film.

St. Mary's School Promotional video

St. Mary’s School Promotional video -The Solution

St. Mary’s has a strong tradition of providing an authentic education which aims to deliver excellence for every member of its Catholic community. The three core values of ‘Love, Respect, Flourish’ permeate through all aspects of their work. We not only made the videos for the school but also shot a completely brand new library of school photographs that could be used across all of their marketing material. The new St. Mary’s web site features this photography.

Due to the unusually large catchment area, and the need to communicate with parents across this vast region, video was the obvious answer. The St. Mary’s School Promotional video had to communicate a number of key messages.

During the filming schedule we allocated extra time to film additional footage so we could create an a sixth form promotional video

School Photography- The Solution

Professional school photography is essential if you want to look your best. Our school photography will set your school apart from the competition. We are simply the best school photography company to produce your prospectus and website images.

We offer a full range of creative services; School video production, drones services, animation, time-lapse and school photography. We not only made the St. Mary’s School Promotional video for the school but also shot a brand new library of stunning school photographs that can be used across all their advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as your social media channels.

The new St. Mary’s web site features this photography. Again this project needs careful, detailed planning. We spent a day on site, following a structured timetable of photography scenarios. We try to shoot as much variety as possible, giving the school lots of choice so they do not have to keep using the same image to illustrate one subject.

We aim to produce a large, bespoke library of amazing school photographs that beautifully illustrate the many facets of your school. Combining our superb school photography with our stunning school video production means that we are the one stop shop for all your school marketing visuals.

We have worked within the education sector for many years, filming and taking photographs. Our high class photography is bourne from years of experience working with young people and getting the best out of them on a shoot day. We are able to successfully communicate with both students and staff, putting them at ease, explaining clearly what we want and ultimately producing a superb library of stunning photography for your school.

St. Mary’s School Promotional video

St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video

St. Mary’s School Promotional video – The Outcome

Our pre production communication with was key to the success of the shoot. We gave St. Mary’s School a very detailed guidance document that helped the school in terms of planning the shoot days. This ensured that the school featured the right things in the St. Mary’s School Promotional video, and were properly prepared so they could really make good use of the actual filming time. Our team are really good at working with young people, and we understand how to get the best out of them.

We initially visited the school prior to the filming. This is something we always do so we can meet the staff, familiarise ourselves with the geography of the school and identify the best filming locations. This is also an opportunity to sit down and work through the script, discuss any potential filming issues and fix these before the filming.

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St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video
St. Mary's School Promotional video

St. Mary’s School Promotional video- What they said

Due to the unusually large catchment area, and the need to communicate with parents across this region, the senior leadership team at St Mary’s saw that video was a way for parents to have a good look at the school before they even arrived at the gates.

The St. Mary’s School Promotional video had to communicate a number of key messages which School Video Production achieved.

“At St. Mary’s Catholic School, our demographic is incredibly wide and diverse. We’re the only Catholic school between Enfield and Cambridge. We have over 60 feeder primary schools. It’s difficult for parents to know what St Mary’s is like unless they can come and visit.

Now, coming and visit is one thing, but actually seeing a day in the life of students in class, learning, etc and to have a video just showcasing what a day in the life is like being a student is another. I think because it shows what a website doesn’t show or what a book doesn’t show – It is the real students. It’s a real student sharing their experiences, sitting in class, learning, um, completing science experiments out on the school PE field, for example or playing sport. The video helps reach a wide diverse audience.

School Video Production was recommended to us by a colleague who’d worked with a company previously. There was a clear distinction with their company and I think what school Video Production was able to offer was very much that bespoke experience. It wasn’t adult led or from the head teacher’s office. It was very much a student led video, and that’s what we wanted because ultimately the students are the heartbeat of our school.

The assistance of the company was superb and they really made sure that the filming days were highly productive and effective. The help with the scripting I think was immense because it really made planning much easier. It meant we could group things together in a logical, coherent form where I wouldn’t necessarily have the artistic creative eye to look at that.

Whereas having a a specialist production company who know and understand that would enable them to help us script accordingly. I have to be honest, when I got to watch the film that night, I think I showed it to all my family, and I think I was just so proud. Tremendous pride. Not just the seeing the students, but I think as well just seeing the sheer pride people had in the school. And you could see that from the smiling faces. Maybe we take them for granted as a teacher every day, but when you see them on video, you realise the students really enjoy being at school here.

Pre parents evening we had the staff screening in advance and it was just joyful. It was nice because you could see the staff were very proud as well of how much they’ve achieved and how much the children just showed their joy, which came across so genuinely through the video.

School Video Productions would be highly recommended. They are an incredibly professional, very efficient organisation. Superb company to work with. Highly recommended”.

Deirdre McHugh, Deputy Headteacher, St.Mary’s School